How to write an Adventurous Journey Report

24 Jul

So you done an Adventurous Journey? Great! Hope it was everything you dreamed of and more. But now you need to write a pesky report – Your Adventurous Journey Report. No worries. This can be fun. I’ll give you some guidelines here of what needs to be in it, but really, we want you to tell us the story of your trip. I’ll just give you a little help on the structure.

First, you want to provide details on your Practice Journey.

  • Tell us the particulars – distance, location, duration, etc.
  • Let us know is you thought your Practice Journey prepare you for your Qualifying Journey?
  • Did you undertake any other training or courses to prepare for your Qualifying Journey?

The rest of the report is all about answering these questions about your Qualifying Journey

  1. Why did you make this journey- what was the purpose?
  2. When did you take the trip?
  3. Where did you go?
    1. Remember to provide a Map of your route – where you went and where you camped
  4. How did you travel?
    1. And tell us if you carried your pack the whole time!
  5. How far did you travel ?
  6. Who went with you?
    1. Remember to tell us who and how many leaders there were.
  7. What did you see?
  8. What did you learn?
  9. What was most challenging about this journey?
  10. What advice would you give to someone doing the same expedition?
  11. What would you do differently next time?

Don’t forget! Additional items that must be included:

  • map
  • personal equipment list – your own list, not one supplied to you
  • group equipment list – your own list, not one supplied to you
  • first aid and safety equipment – weight of personal, group and safety equipment
  • menu – outline what you had for meals and snacks on the entire trip
  • any other material of interest or any other documentation – photos if possible
  • Make
    sure your Preliminary Training, Practice Journey, and Qualifying are all signed off by an assessor in your Record Book!!



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